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I learned to cook from my mother, my father, my aunt and my wife, all of whom like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Chicken With Eggplant and Israeli Couscous
Ave. Rating is
This is a variation on a popular North African dish. Israeli couscous is actually pasta and not grain but it makes a nice change. If you prefer, use real couscous instead. ... more
Grilled Brussels Sprout Skewers
Ave. Rating is
I made these on the grill because my wife really enjoys brussels sprouts and I can only tolerate them roasted. I thought grilling might work well and I think they came out nicely. ... more
Chicken Shawarma
Ave. Rating is 5
Shawarma is prepared by cooking meat upright. In many restaurants, they also use yogurt. This recipe does not require complicated cooking methods and is kosher. ... more
Trout with Onions and Tomatoes
Ave. Rating is
I'm not entirely sure where this recipe comes from. I had it on a scrap of paper in my pocket after making it one day. I've since made it several times but the scrap of paper has moved from my pocket, ... more
Vegetarian Harira (Lentil and Chickpea Soup)
Ave. Rating is 4.4
We recently ate harira at a Moroccan restaurant and I enjoyed it so much I asked my Morrocan born father about it. He has vivid memories of eating harira as a child in Morocco. His mother would get up ... more
Huevos con Tomate
Ave. Rating is
We used to call this shakshouka and ate it for breakfast (and sometimes even for dinner). Use fresh eggs otherwise the egg white spreads out too thinly (still tastes good though!). Remember to include ... more
Lentil Salad
Ave. Rating is 0
This dressing uses my father’s very own “works-for-everything” salad dressing. It’s easy to make and is doesn’t overpower. ... more
Eggplant Moussaka
Ave. Rating is
Nice parve alternative to meat Moussaka. ... more
Rice Pudding
Ave. Rating is
I think my favorite part of rice pudding is the cinnamon sprinkle on top! ... more
Cheese Phyllo Squares
Ave. Rating is
This is a slightly simpler way to enjoy borekas -- if you don't enjoy folding over the phyllo, this recipe doesn't require it! ... more


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