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I learned to cook from my mother, my father, my aunt and my wife, all of whom like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Boulettes de Poisson
Ave. Rating is 4.2
This is one of our favorite recipes and is a staple at holiday dinners, especially Passover. There are many variations of this recipe but I prefer this Egyptian version my mother and aunts made the be ... more
Lemony Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes
Ave. Rating is 4.5
I found this recipe on the internet and decided to give it a try. It was a big hit with my family and we decided to add it to our regular repertoire. The lemony marinade gives it a great taste. I didn ... more
Moroccan Celery Stew with Olives and Artichokes
Ave. Rating is 3
This is a simple dish that works well as either a vegetarian or a meat dish. My father made this based on his own recollections from his mother's kitchen. It took me some time to develop a taste for t ... more
Lentil Soup
Ave. Rating is 5
Growing up, my mother made this soup often (we called it Adz, meaning lentil). Not only was it tasty, but also very filling -- with some fresh French bread you could make a meal out of it. In my own h ... more
Seasoned Brown Rice with Vermicelli
Ave. Rating is
We typically cook with brown rice and we have several preparations. Recently I decided to put together several preparations and see if we liked the result. It was a hit with the family and I think we' ... more
Fried Eggplant
Ave. Rating is 5
This is a very simple and common side dish that goes well with meat, fish or chicken. The eggplant slices are also great in sandwiches. You can vary some of the ingredients and seasoning to your taste ... more
Beef Stew with Chickpeas
Ave. Rating is 5
My wife Steffani made this dish based on a recipe she found but added some spices to give it a more interesting flavor. She also used pearl onions in place of chopped onions. We're hoping to add some ... more


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