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I learned to cook from my mother, my father, my aunt and my wife, all of whom like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Sephardic Style Meatballs (Albondigas)
Ave. Rating is 5
Albondigas in Spanish refers to meatballs, though there are versions of Sephardic style matzah balls called Albondigas as well. appetizer or to accompany an entrée at Passover, try this version using ... more
Spinach and Cheese Souffle
Ave. Rating is
This is my mother's recipe for spinach and cheese souffle, though I don't know where she got it from. Make sure that you squeeze dry the spinach after it thaws. ... more
Lentils with Cracked Wheat (Megadarra)
Ave. Rating is 2.5
This popular lentil dish is also made with rice in place of cracked wheat. It is very filling and makes a great entree or side dish. ... more
Diced Lemon, Onion & Parlsey Salad
Ave. Rating is
This salad makes it's own lemony dressing! ... more
Red Pepper Salad
Ave. Rating is
This sweet pepper salad has a hint of heat from the Hungarian peppers and crushed red peppers. You can adjust the heat by changing the amount of crushed red pepper used, and by keeping or removing the ... more
Rina's Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables
Ave. Rating is 3.6666666666667
This dish is inspired by my best recollection of my aunt's wonderful couscous. She made it with roasted chicken pieces placed on the vegetables and couscous. I don't have her recipe but this version c ... more
Holly's Oven Roasted Kale Crisps
Ave. Rating is
Our friend Holly introduced us to this recipe and made it for us the last time we visited her. I previously only thought of kale as a garnish and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The kale is c ... more
Spaghetti Sauce
Ave. Rating is
I made this recipe up using a simple recipe as a base and then modifying it. It came out very well - I served it with al dente elbow macaroni because I was out of spaghetti but I think it makes more s ... more
Chickpea & Olive Salad
Ave. Rating is 3.5
Wonderful salad is mildly spicy and tastes even better the second day! Use canned chickpeas in place of dry - just drain and rinse before boiling. ... more
Ave. Rating is
My aunt Miriam in Israel makes mahshi cousa (stuffed zucchini) using giant zucchinis cut into 4 inch sections. She serves them as a first course on Shabbat dinner. My father makes them as well, though ... more


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