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Fried Fish Balls w/ Sweet Chilli Sauce
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For adults and children too. Who doesn't like it anyway . . . Yes way, next recipe I will send will be fishballs in red sauce. ... more
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Famous Jewish dish to accompany each day and holiday ... more
Ave. Rating is 4
means to shake it :-) Great morning Mizrachi dish, made from tomato and eggs. Great with Iraqi pita. ... more
Macaroni Hamin (Chulent)
Ave. Rating is 0
Traditional Sephardic dish served during the weekend after being cooked all night in the oven. ... more
Kubbeh in pumpkin sauce
Ave. Rating is 4
Great Jewish-Iraqi traditional dish ... more
Flat Yemenite bread
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The most moist bread. Easy to prepare and goes with everything ... more


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