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An Israeli Winter Casserole - Lamb shanks and root

Winter is not coming this year. The global changes in weather are sharply felt here in the Middle East. The days are warm and pleasant – which makes us a good, attractive destination for a culinary vacation and for escaping the cold – while the evenings are cool. We're having very few rainy days. So for us, a winter day is a major cause for celebration! Such a winter day calls for spending time with the vaporous scents of long cooking. It's worth the wait, I can promise you! You may be asking yourself what's a casserole doing in an East-Mediterranean kitchen. Well, this is the beauty and the uniqueness of the Israeli cuisine. Indeed, the casserole is a classic European dish, brought to us by Jews who immigrated from countries in Eastern Europe, but since its arrival here, the casserole has β€œmet” spices from other cuisines resulting in a true feast for the palate. Our local meat is mutton, so it will be the main feature of the casserole. It will be accompanied by excellent roots, local spices and wine. And in order to complete the picture, cooked chickpeas, hummus, will enrich the dish. After you've tasted it, we recommend getting under a good blanket and having a sweet afternoon nap.

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