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I learned to cook from my mother, my father, my aunt and my wife, all of whom like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Traditional shabbat cholent. ... more
Figs with Honey
Ave. Rating is
This recipe was taken from our son's classroom recipe book! It's easy to prepare and great if you have a fondness for sweets. ... more
Moroccan Stew (with Couscous)
Ave. Rating is
This is a flavorful meal that everyone will enjoy. ... more
Hummus with Black Beans
Ave. Rating is
This is an interesting variation on a standard dish. ... more
Hummus with Tahina
Ave. Rating is 4
Hummus is Arabic for chick pea and the spread of the same name is chick peas mixed with tahina. You can find tahina at most stores -- it is sold as a thick paste. ... more
Pasta with Mushrooms
Ave. Rating is 1
We recently made this recipe after picking wild Morel mushrooms. The recipe is simple, the flavor is wonderful, and with a few simple changes to the original, kosher! Mixing different wild mushrooms w ... more
Simple Salad
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My father often made this salad on weekends to accompany a mid-morning meal of bagels, french bread, a variety of cheeses and lox or a little bit of sable. As a variation, my father would sometimes ... more
Sauteed Fish
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This is a great recipe that kids and adults both enjoy. It is one of the staple recipes of our home. I like to use Tilapia for this recipe, but you can use any similar fish. ... more
Spicy Baked Chicken and Rice
Ave. Rating is 4
We make this regularly since everyone that's ever tried it has loved it. It has all the flavors we're accustomed to thanks to the wonderful spice mixture. The rice is particularly good infused with th ... more
Kofta with Spinach
Ave. Rating is 4
My mother made these meatballs regularly. It was a great way to get us to eat vegetables as children, without even realizing it. I never had the recipe but managed to reconstruct it from memory well e ... more


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