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Modern Day Gefilte Fish Recipe and Tutorial

Gefilte fish ( poached fish quenelles) are great any time of the year! . Everyone loves my recipe! We like to serve these with a creamy horseradish sauce Don't let people make you believe that making gefilte fish is hard or overly time consuming- it really is not. So impress your guests this year with flavorful gefilte fish! If you can make homemade soup, you can make this! Tips even your grandmother may not know ! Liberally salt the stock as well as the gefilte fish mixture with coarse kosher salt and freshly grated black pepper. When the fish cools in the savory stock, they will absorb more of the good flavor. Sugar is optional but just a bit of sugar ( 1 tsp for fish mixture , 3 to 5 tsp for stock ) will bring out the savory tastes in the fish as well as the stock without making it sweet. Some cooks also like to add a bit of paprika to the fish or to the stock- up to you. Gefilte Fish will last up to a week chilled covered in the fridge so I like to make them a few days ahead of time. And yes gefilte fish can be frozen also!

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