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I learned to cook from my mother, my father, my aunt and my wife, all of whom like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Cheese Noodle Pudding
Ave. Rating is
This is a variation on my wife's noodle pudding. Our boys love noodle pudding and will even eat it for breakfast! ... more
Cabbage Stew
Ave. Rating is
I have grown to appreciate cabbage over the years -- my wife Steffani enjoys it in soup, in salads and in stews so we have it often. Anyway, as a stew it make a great meal for a cold winter day. ... more
Arroz (Rice)
Ave. Rating is 2
As kids we ate lots of rice, which we called Arroz. The word is Spanish but the recipe was whatever my mother made that day – she mixed in peas, or onions etc. We ate it with kofta (with tomato sauc ... more
Chopped Liver
Ave. Rating is
Every year to break the Yom Kippur fast, my Sephardic aunt puts out chopped liver, which usually goes quickly. This is not her recipe exactly (she uses olive oil in place of mayonnaise). Hope you enjo ... more
Mandel Bread
Ave. Rating is
As a kid, we never ate these at home. My Sephardic parents never heard of mandel bread. But my best friends mom made them all the time and I really enjoyed them. This isn't her recipe but still good n ... more
Turkish Coffee
Ave. Rating is 4.5
Turkish coffee is traditionally prepared in a feenjan, which can be purchased in Middle Eastern markets or specialty shops. The pot is wide at the bottom, narrow toward the top, and has a long handle ... more
Mint Tea
Ave. Rating is 5
Whenever I visit Israel, I enjoy drinking mint tea (“tea with nana”) with my family. It is much more refreshing than coffee! Make sure you use whole mint leaves. ... more
Chicken Soup
Ave. Rating is
This tasty recipe complements any (meat) meal. My wife removes the chicken from the bone and returns it to the soup rather than discarding it or re-using it in another recipe, as this recipe suggests. ... more
Baba Ghanouj
Ave. Rating is
My aunt Miriam in Israel often set her table with numerous small plates of salads including Baba Ghanouj (Eggplant with Tehina). You can find tehina recipes on JRT or prepare as directed below. ... more
Ave. Rating is 3
Falafel (chick-pea patties) is commonly sold on street corners in every city and town in Israel. Some attribute its popularity to Yemenite Jews who have brought it to Israel – though immigrants from ... more


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